Who we are – Confianza events

Who we are

– I wonder whether the stars are set alight in heaven

so that one day each one of us may find his own again…

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Confianza events («confianza» ― from Spanish «confidence», «trust», «stake») is an agency which organizes events with international artists, whose talents we have CONFIDENCE in, and who have CONFIDENCE to let us represent their interests in Russia. Our agency conducts events with promising performers as well as with well-known ones, who are already favoured by Russian spectators. We fully TRUST our spectators’ tastes. What we STAKE our reputation on are such aspects as talent, professionalism, and quality.
Each member of solid and enthusiastic Confianza events team is proud of the unique experience in various spheres of show-business. We are also united by the infinite love for high-quality music of all genres (especially that of Latin American ones), substantial theatre performances and literary works, unconventional approaches to photography, installation and fine arts. This is precisely why the projects that WE organize have no chance of being ordinary ones but, on the contrary, evolve into unforgettable events of the cultural life of Russia.
We strive to erase boundaries between the spectator and the artist to engage participants into performances and create a warm, friendly and comfortable environment of consonance in a circle of TRUST. We do not aim to occupy a narrow niche by restricting possible styles of performances, exactly the opposite, we are eager to present various international cultural dimensions and their unexpected combinations.
Respect and trust lie at the core of our long-term relationship which we enjoy with spectators, performers, partners and each other. We are absolutely certain that it is respect and trust that ensure cooperation in the long run.


We create special days and brighten up everyday life, inflame with art and give an opportunity to reach for the stars. Our goal is to amaze sophisticated Russian spectators with promising as well as well-known performers, musicians, artists and actors from all over Europe and Latin America.